In the many years I’ve spent around kitchen tables with parents and individuals with disabilities, the word “if” is a constant in conversations. It is common for us all to have blanket hopes for the future. For example, “If I won the lottery, I would do …” Or, in the same turn, I often hear parents of vulnerable daughters or sons say, “What are we going to do if this happens?” When I listen deeply to dreams, hopes, and fears, I have learned to work with individuals and their families to create a more meaningful life by asking …

“What if
we tried this

We map possibilities for people with disabilities, by asking the “What IFs”, to live
a meaningful life of their design. To navigate the path, we collaborate with:
  • Individualized Housing Supports (IHS)
    You may only need a couple of reminders for medical appointments and a trip to Cub every week or so.
    You are thinking of a new apartment or place to call home sweet home that might need planning and support around the clock.
  • Night Supervision
    It’s been a full day but your needs haven’t changed. Let define what needs to happen overnight.
  • Employment Services
    It’s a time of change and you want to explore a new job or could just use someone help you problem solve or talk to your boss!
  • Homemaker
    Life is complicated and can get messy at times! If your day to day routine doesn’t leave room at times for the basics, we can step in and check off some of those boxes.
  • Respite
    Everyone deserves self care and that’s different for everybody! Talk to us about what might be helpful!
  • 24-Hour Emergency Assistance