Growing In Relationships
Who counts with you?
Whose birthdays and anniversaries do you like to celebrate?
Where do you want to be on special holidays?
Making Choices
What do you want on your grocery list? What’s the best time for your morning wake-up call? Are there places you want to be and people you want to see? You’ve got this! And, we have your back!
Dignity of Valued Roles
Where do you show up?
Who do you want to come over for dinner?
Or meet up with for a movie or to share a spot at your place of worship?
What sparks Joy?
Where are you your best self?
Where do you share your gifts?
Or is there something you’ve always been curious about and want to explore?
Sharing Ordinary Places
We all need places outside of home that feel welcome!
If you’re in your favorite spot…where is it?
Is it a walk in your neighborhood?
A stop in your favorite coffee shop?
A trip to the dog park?
“If is, in my opinion, the biggest little word
in the human language.”